Food Choices – A Scientific Study on Diet


Food Choices, by filmmaker Michal Siewierski, is an interesting and scientific look at the nutritional, biological, and environmental aspects of our contemporary diet. The main narrative of this docu focuses on the benefits of a predominantly vegetarian diet for both the human and the environment.

The documentary interviews numerous PhD, MD, and various licensed professionals specializing in diet and nutrition. Food Choices strings together interviews, along with peer-reviewed scientific studies on food consumption and health, to push a low-meat or meatless narrative. Although the theme of the film is compelling, no person should ever follow any one source without conducting their own research. I would say consult with a doctor, but they don’t always know what’s best either, so do your own research before following any diet.

If you care about your own personal health, the health of others, and our shared environment, this documentary is well worth watching. Food Choices has been made a favorite based on the varied and accredited experts interviewed for the film, as well as for its extremely comprehensive study of all aspects of diet: personal health, environmental health, comparing many popular diets, GMO vs Organic, usage of Fish Oil pills (for omega-3 fatty acids), and other popular topics.

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