“Zero Days” The Official StuxNet Docu

The most recent, comprehensive, and thematic exploration into the StuxNet virus and the world of cyber warfare.

The United States and Israel jointly created, at the time, the most sophisticated virus to date. The virus was not created to steal credit card numbers, or to take down a corporation’s website that Anonymous deemed corrupt or untrustworthy. Instead, this virus was created to significantly reduce the nuclear enrichment facilities within Iran, an unfriendly state who openly critiques, and at times, threatens both Israel and the United States.

This documentary is a great complement to the book Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon. The book is recommended as it goes into detail about the technical intricacy of the virus along with the geopolitical implications of further usage of cyber warfare as Israel and the USA set a strong precedent.

Zero Days Website – http://www.zerodaysfilm.com/watch-at-home


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