Season 2 of VICELAND’s Gaycation series features the world of LGBT life and politics in Ukraine, arguably the most prominent and headline-capturing former Soviet state. Ukraine has made headlines recently for its large Euromaiden protests which ousted the extremely corrupt former president Victor Yanukovych (accused of looting the state’s assets for ~$100 billion dollars.

The country still has a cultural influence from contemporary Russia as well as from the former Soviet times. This documentary does great justice to expose the far-right nationalist anti-LGBT groups, largely ignorant and not founded in religion (which is a large institution in the country), blindly hating, hazing, and assaulting any peoples’ not in line with their narrow world view.

Not all is bad in this documentary as we witness the strength and beauty of Ukraine’s LGBT community who rise up against the contempt of the less open-minded citizens of the country who believe in the precedent set by Russia’s new founded laws banning “gay propaganda”.

VICELAND‘s Gaycation series has done great justice in educating its viewers on all aspects of the lives, culture, and politics of LGBT people around the world. This particular episode is very interesting because it circumvents Ukraine and Russia to understand the culture in that region of the world, as well as the small triumphs of the individuals who share their stories of struggle, pain, love, and progression in a not-so-friendly country for LGBT people.

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