CNN “Holy Hell”

Holy S#*T! What did I get myself into?

CNN has really upped their documentary programming lately. Their latest docu, Holy Hell, documents the seemingly joyful beginnings of a group drunk off ecstasy. Not the drug, the feeling, and not the most healthy feeling, as we come to learn.

Holy Hell is an extremely intimate and painful documentary. The film interviews over a dozen former cult members (now deprogrammed) of Buddhafield, a faux spiritual realization community, and chronicles over 20 years of the cult’s existence. The film starts out beautifully cheery and free spirited, and is so well filmed and edited it almost appears as a compelling advertisement to join. The archival footage was filmed by the director of the documentary, as he was a former cult member; their de facto archivist and director.

The documentary keeps a remarkably steady pace, bordering on slow-burning, making it all the more interesting, and gut-wrenching as more details are revealed about the deviant leader of the cult, a former actor, porn performer, and hypnotist. We highly recommend this documentary.

CNN’s Holy Hell Homepage –


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