Channel 4 “Sex, Lies & Cyberattacks” The Unofficial Ashley Madison Story

The unofficial comprehensive history of Ashley Madison, their shady business and ethical decisions, and the ultimate scam, the infidelity of the owner to his own wife (after appearing on many publicity channels as a monogamous and exclusive marriage)

Sex sells. Which begs the question, why did Avid Life Media choose to go down the road it did, ultimately leading to its demise? Noel Biderman, the CEO at the time, used smart marketing via funny commercials, billboards, and interviews on big media outlets, to publicize his at-the-time shocking affair site

This “dating” site became a household name as people all over the world witnessed their outrageous advertising and even more outrageous business model. Here’s where things get a little “sticky”. As many people already know, or assumed, the site was riddled with fake profiles aka bots, and charged users money to simply chat on their website.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the story and documentary. Biderman created more companies under their corporate umbrella to include escort services and dozens of various iterations of ways to cheat, hire escorts, or otherwise obtain sex via money.

This documentary is brilliant for its comprehensive approach of interviewing victims of infidelity, victims of deception and financial pain, disgruntled employees, and other personnel involved in this convoluted story. Along with a lot of archival footage of interviews, and testimonies with people involved in the company, the documentary paints a very clear picture of exactly what happened, and when. The only question they are not able to answer is why or how, but after watching the documentary, even without the full insider knowledge of the hack, you will feel some closure that this sleezy businsesman and shady company are no longer in the online “dating” or social networking businesses.

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