VICELAND “Weediquette”

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VICELAND‘s Weediquette is all about the ganja. Season 1 was groundbreaking for its highly informative covering of cannabis topics such as the issue of Veterans using, or not using, cannabis to treat their PTSD, and the ramifications if they get caught; the termination of their post-service benefits. Other marijuana related topics from Season 1 include the research and cultivation of specific strains that provide long sought after, organic, relief to children with epilepsy, as well as the role of cannabis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which turned out to be very interesting.

Season 2 starts debuts with the episode “Stoned Parents”, profiling different cases of parents in Kansas who have had their children taken into foster care due to the parents usage of cannabis. Weediquette explores the social and political elements that are exacerbating the status quo of either jailing or taken the children of parents who use cannabis for medical applications, who are otherwise functioning and providing care to their children.

This powerful new series from VICELAND explores many positive and negative aspects of regulation, usage, and research of cannabis around the world.

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