National Geographic “Original Sin: How Sex Changed The World”

An insightful series about human sexuality
Female hands gripping man's back, close up

National Geographic set out on an ambitious but thorough look into human sexuality in our society, and across the globe, with their educational and entertaining Original Sin: How Sex Changed The World. Taken from, “The production, from World of Wonder, will look at the “sexual revolution” of the past half-century and how it has affected culture, science, and politics, here and around the world.”

One of the more interesting episodes is about sex scandals. Who isn’t interested in a sex scandal? (ps – if that’s you, ask someone for help!) Especially in the aftermath of Weiner’s broken marriage, and the documentary and trail of deceit that preceded it, this episode stands out. This episode looks at the differences between American and European sexual culture, specifically how society views its political leaders who break fidelity.

This is an extremely informative series providing a lot of social context to human sexuality. For example, another episode focused on sexuality and marketing. For those who have seen similar documentaries on sexuality in marketing, there is still more to learn. They break down different notable marketing campaigns and how and why they stood out and differ from other sex-focused marketing.

Experts include Ann Coulter, Dr. Drew, Christopher Ryan (co-author of one of the foremost books on evolutionairy sexuality Sex At Dawn), and many academics, scientists, doctors, academics, activists, and so on.

Highly recommended.


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